Why Choose LED Downlight for Lighting

Choosing LED downlight for home or in office is indeed a wise decision! With its benefit and advantages, you cannot blame everyone for choosing it compared to traditional lights such as bulbs and fluorescent lamps. If you will compare it to other energy saving illuminations that are available in the market, you will certainly find that it is the most energy saving and smart solution for lighting at home or any business establishment.

The below information is useful for you to know more about LED advantage and benefits..

  • LED has a longer life. It is expected that LED has longer life compared to other lighting products. Ideally, you can use it up to 100,000 hours. To make it more simple you can use it about 11 years when you use it 24 hours and days a week. If you use it for a minimum of hours a day, it can last up to 22 to 25 years. Additionally, LED lights do not burn out. It just gets dimmer till it will not emit light anymore.
  • Energy Efficient. Using LED light allows you to save energy up to 20%. If you are using a LED light you can save money on the electricity bill. The maintenance fee can also be cut down since it has a longer life compared to any other lighting options.
  • Environment and health friendly. LED lights do not contain any mercury and other toxic substances. It means that you can reduce carbon footprint and can be easily disposed of because it will not cause any harm to anyone.
  • High Quality and Durable. LED lights can withstand storms, shocks, earthquake and any other rough weather conditions. Its durability makes it best lighting for outdoor. It has also great designs that look elegant. It is perfectly suitable in any high-class hotels and business establishments.

These are just some of its benefits and advantages of LED and there is a lot more that you can read about it. Choosing LED Downlight products is always an even better choice for home and office lighting purposes.