Wedding Photography: What Are The Various Types

So you will tie the knot soon with your true love! Congratulations! Maybe you’ve consulted with few wedding photographers about your wedding photographic, and might have been confused by a number of photography terms. What is Photo-Journalistic or Contemporary, or Traditional wedding photography? And most significantly, how to choose between different wedding photography types? Answers are raining down right now!

Photo – Journalistic

Photo – Journalistic is among the most famous types of photography nowadays, aiming to narrate the romantic and beautiful story of your wedding day, from the fervent and nervous expectation before the big day to the final wedding dance reception as well as the last drop of champagne. This type of wedding photography focuses mainly on taking touching and happy moments instead of different poses to capture candid emotions and  great energy in the entire wedding celebration – the high – spirited smile of the groom, joyful tears of bride, the ambiance of happiness and love, etc.


As the title denotes, this type of wedding photography is a latest approach of documenting. Since the modern photos are anticipated to be super chic, they can go out of trend very fast. What makes this type of wedding photography unique is that the pro photographer will search for few marvelous setting with excellent lighting and backdrops, where the pictures of the bridegroom and bride can be rather extremely beautiful.


This type of wedding photography, is an orderly and formal way to capture posed photos of the wedding celebration and the families of the married couple. These posed photos mostly include the photos of the groom and bride starring affectionately at each other, the bride together with her mother and father, the groom with his mother and father, etc. The good thing about this type of wedding photography is you can have any picture you like for your own wedding picture album.