Cellphone Repair Myths: Did You Know?

Do you think you the whole truth about cellphone repair services? Well, think again! This article hopes to give light on some of the most common cellphone repair myths of Internet.

Myth 1 – Cellphone repairs are inconvenient and timely. Fixing a damaged cellphone takes time depending on the extent and kind of damage. Services such as same – day repair is provided for minor issues like screen replacements. Sometimes screen replacements might be completed in just one hour or even less than! It does not get more convenient or much faster than that!

Myth 2 – Third-party repair centers void warranties of carrier. Many carrier warranties are just okay for producer defects and not for common accidental damage or wear and tear. This means if your phone has water damage or a broken screen or any accidental damage, the manufacturer of your cellphone will not replace or repair your cellphone. In this situation, a third – party repair center is your best option.

Myth 3 – A broken screen affects only the outside appearance of the cellphone. Broken screen not just make it difficult to utilize the cellphone, however they also cause significant issues with your phone over time. When left unrepaired, your Nexus 6P could experience other problems like dark spots, dead spots, backlight malfunction and discoloration.

Myth 4 – Once damage has transpired on your cellphone, it will never really be the same. It’s a very common fallacy and could be more untrue! If you bring your broken screen phone to any reliable cellphone repair center, your phone will return to you as okay as brand new as professionals repair centers use high – quality replacement parts for their screen replacements services. Just make sure the repair center is trustworthy.